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When I Die, Please Send Flowers

The world does not need more practicality, more measured decisions, and sterile good sense like “in lieu of flowers.” The world needs beauty in all it’s extravagance. I just finished reading Amy Stewart’s Flower Confidential. For a lot of the book, I … Continue reading

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Lonigan’s Weekend

Back to back Angus Mohr shows. Their new album. Estes Park. Three reasons to love fall. This is my shortest blog post ever.  

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Don’t Let the Bad Guys Win– What you can do:

Dear Parents of Adams 12 Students and Friends of Adams 12 Teachers, Our district has chosen not to abide by the contract that the teachers agreed to in good faith. Imagine if your mortgage company suddenly decided it needed some extra cash, … Continue reading

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Angus Mohr’s Monster in the Box

This project reflects more than the hundreds of invisible hours that  go into creating a living representation of music that feels fresh and visceral. It is a snapshot of  of the sadness, beauty, and triumph that comes from wrestling with outer … Continue reading

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Writer People #1: The Prosaic/Poetic Info Dump Technique

Today, I’m working on the Boston Story that I drafted as part of NaNoWriMo. It’s an urban-fantasy-time-travel epic that demands far more world building than anything I’ve ever done. It’s a pain in the ass. It starts off as an … Continue reading

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For the Writer People: Overview–Blame Wade

Recently, a friend said something along the lines of: You should blog about writing like That-Funny-Blogger-We-Both-Like-To-Read-Because-We-Enjoy-Crude-Description-And-Foul-Language-Even-Though-His-Blog-Is-Better-Than-His-Fiction. I said, “But I’m not that funny.” He said, “If you could translate into blog format your ability to narrow in on exactly what’s … Continue reading

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This little blog is growing up…

I’m completely unqualified to write a book about music. I’m not letting that stop me. I’m just being honest. I don’t play an instrument. I have only the most rudimentary understanding of how the essence of music theory translates to … Continue reading

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Lucero & Larry and his Flask @ the Bluebird 3/30/12 & 3/31/12

To “get” the Flask, you’ll have to see ’em live. The CD just can’t do them justice. Each night, Lucero played a slightly different show, changing up both songs and order on the set list. Friday’s was more precise, but … Continue reading

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McKinty’s Cold Cold Ground

In 1981 Belfast, Sean Duffy is a rare endangered creature– a Catholic cop in Northern Ireland. He begins the novel mostly honest and motivated by a desire to battle the violence tearing his community apart.  When I started The Cold … Continue reading

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Lucero’s Women and Work –Not Really a Review

Last summer, in 102 degree heat, I stood on black asphalt in front of a tiny stage surrounded by the Van’s Warped Tour’s over-abundance of screamo bands, listening to Ben Nichols and the boys play songs off of 1372 Overton … Continue reading

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