Northern Colorado Flood Benefit with Angus Mohr

I didn’t even need to ask if they were going to do a flood benefit show. IRialtoBenefitPaul knew there would be one. Angus Mohr and family are the type of people who, when bad things happen, they try to balance the scales.

The details follow below:

 Saturday September 28th, at the Rialto Theater, we would like you to join us, Angus Mohr, in showing those who have lost so much that they do not stand alone. The show starts at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. We’ll be donating a portion of the money taken in to local organizations helping Northern Colorado’s flood victims. The more seats we fill, the more money we’ll give. We’ll also be donating a percentage of merchandise sales.


 On stage, we’ve long joked about whiskey being the water of life. However, when the waters of life rise, as they did for so many, it’s music that helps us climb to higher ground where we can all stand together. You don’t need to know the words to raise your voice; you don’t need to know the steps to dance. 


 You don’t need a roof either, but we are lucky enough to still have one at Loveland’s historic Rialto Theater. Our Rialto show has always been a celebration of our connection to other Front Range musicians. In addition to sharing the stage with acts like Skansen and Hanssen, Angus Mohr’s line-up always grows by a member or two the night of the Rialto Show. We still rock out, but it’s also a chance to get our art on. We’ll play songs rarely heard at festival or club shows that embody the fullest expression of who we are.

 So, come on, express yourself; come dance and sing along. Let’s do some good while having a good time. 

 Yours in appreciation (as always),

Angus Mohr


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