For the Writer People: Overview–Blame Wade

Recently, a friend said something along the lines of: You should blog about writing like That-Funny-Blogger-We-Both-Like-To-Read-Because-We-Enjoy-Crude-Description-And-Foul-Language-Even-Though-His-Blog-Is-Better-Than-His-Fiction.

I said, “But I’m not that funny.”

He said, “If you could translate into blog format your ability to narrow in on exactly what’s wrong with a section and how to fix it  (i.e.- those big green/purple/red X’s through a section, arrows, and all sorts of crazy paragraph movement), combine that with thoughts on mythic structure  and urban fantasy, and your general writing compassion/lack of compassion, that would make for a compelling Shelly-blog…

Because the music stuff is interesting… to music people, but we… we are writer people. Capiche?

I don’t need another project, and opening up this blog to give random critique seems like the swift path to madness; however, I can see how it would be useful to me to reflect on what I learn while writing, and perhaps that could be useful to other writers.

That other blogger is great at refashioning writing and how-to-be-a-writer truisims into something fresh and inspiring. My goal would be more about sharing challenges and specific techniques for overcoming them.

Hey, fellow writers, you could share yours too, and we could just be one big happy family of people who have learned to profit from their dreams and delusions (even if the only actual thing gained is maintained sanity).




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