About Me

Shullamuth Ballinger

Novelist seeking representation for traditional publishing.

I have a MA in Creative Writing. I’m a fulltime teacher, and I have to budget my time to write during the school year. Most of my work is fantasy that is just a step or two removed from reality. Like Joyce, I like to place mythic themes in the hands of everyday people. I love speculative fiction’s ability to exaggerate true things in order to make them visible. I love research and bending facts to suit my purposes.  I love the puzzle of worldbuilding and tracing threads of implication.

My Gods of Lafayette novels are a love letter to my community. In them, the Greek Gods hang out and play music in Olde Town. Orpheus breaks the fourth wall and has Duane Allman’s body. The novels do not use the ubiquitous Zeus-centric hierarchy. Instead, it follows the mystery cult patterns which elevate Dionysus and Hermes.  

My first novel, Bee Candy, a cathartic book-of-my-soul, featured a ghost that painted the toenails of a pregnant headstone carver. Gods in the Ground, a series of novellas written over eight years, has carny fortune-telling twins. They read your heart with a touch, and they communicate with the sentient mushrooms that shape the course of humanity.

I’d love to hear from you!